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How to Get Crystal Clear in Less than 30 Seconds

Yes, 7 days have passed AND the foundational blog is up so goal met!!!   I would have just left it at that, but in my day job with the marketing company, I went to some “sales” training.  It was a LONG day.  One of the things the speaker mentioned really resonated with me… and I wanted to share that with you today.

The thing that gets in the way of your success.

One of the biggest problems I see with my clients and the Time Traders members we coach, is a lack of focus. One day a member will be writing blogs, then she sees a teleseminar is very interested in changing her strategy to You Tube ads.    You Tube Ads are great, but, she didn’t give her first strategy enough time to marinate before picking up the next one.   The truth is…

  • building a community takes time
  • building traffic (especially if you are going after non-paid traffic) takes time
  • creating the systems in your business to really handle an influx of clients takes time.

How much time?  According to our Paycheck to Passion podcast series where we interviewed over 100 successful entrepreneurs, it takes a year and a half to three years before a business really “gets roots” and starts bein successful.  That’s a LONG time when you are being supported just through your business.

Want to know a shortcut?

So… back to the training.

The trainer was talking about how BIG companies that disrupt the industry have something in common.

They are organized around a core question.

For example, Microsoft’s question was “how can we become the intelligence that runs computers worldwide?”.

So, given that core question – everything Microsoft did (and does makes sense).  They created an operating system.  They created Office suite.  They didn’t ever create computers – yet their products are used on most computers. They could grow in many different ways while staying within the frame they created for themselves.

Amazon’s core question was “how can we replace brick and mortar bookstores and become the go to place where people buy books (and later everything)?”

Starbucks might be “how can we become the nation’s “living room” by bringing the Seattle coffeehouse experience to every neighborhood?”

Thinking in terms of a question, rather than a niche is a great way to strike a balance between wanting to grow and try new things and allowing your business to stay focused enough to gain traction with your target market.

Thinking about your question.

What is your question?  If you were to think BIG about the contribution that you and your business make to the world – what would you like to do?  What difference could you make?

Jasper and I thought about the answer for Time Traders Club.  The exercise was both difficult and freeing.   I LOVE learning new things – so the challenge was figuring out how to frame Time Traders Club in a way that allows me to learn and share – but also doesn’t confuse everyone.

After spending some time really thinking about it – we came up with “How can we be the place solopreneurs go when they need support growing a business based on their talents and passions?”  That is a BIG statement – but it also creates boundaries.  Doing a lot of freelance work does not fit in that statement.  Time Traders Club, TimeSaving Templates, Workshops and Coaching fit well. Time Traders Club, TimeSaving Templates, Workshops and Coaching fit well.

What is your BIG question?  (Write it here and we can support you in making it true).



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