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Create a Landing Page Quickly with LeadPages

OK – the basic site is up.  The next step is to create a quick opt-in page with LeadPages.  I debated a bit whether to do this step because my Thrive Theme makes it so easy to just include an opt-in form at the top of each page of the site.  You can also have different opt-ins for different categories of posts.

In the end, I decided to follow the plan in Shiny Object Lemonade and create the opt-in.  Here’s a quick video of me putting the opt-in together in 5 minutes with LeadPages (yes, it is THAT easy!)

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Ok… Yeah.. I didn’t exactly cheat – but I did have a lot put together ahead of time – namely the e-mail autoresponder sequence, the thank you page, etc.  And, I chose a *very simple* theme.   Plus, I do opt-in pages all day in my day job…

That being said.  Here are some quick tips you can pick up just by watching the video:

  1. KISS – Keep it simple silly (you are NOT stupid if you are reading this blog!).  My clients and I have found that really simple opt-in pages do the best.  Don’t give people any reason NOT to opt-in.  Tell them what they are getting and that’s it.
  2. Once you figure out the thank you page the autoresponder part – the rest is pretty easy and straight forward.
  3. You CAN do this!!!!

And… if you need help, you can get help at Time Traders Club (where members trade time so they can spend more time doing what they love instead of figuring out LeadPages!)

How did I get here?  Check out my first post for this goal 🙂


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